[Overview] Sakura Amidst Chaos (Voltage, Inc.)

I REALLY LOVE this app!!! I finished four of the five Budding Hearts main stories released in English (so far) in about as many days, and finished the fifth by the following week! 😱 Sakura Amidst Chaos START page

In a Nutshell

During the Warring States Period in Japan, the MC meets five renowned samurai. One of them takes her out of her peasant existence and plunges her into the world of the aristocracy. Could falling in love with a daimyo finally bring her happiness? Or could it only lead to heartbreak in a land ravaged by war?

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Debatable

You, as the MC, have five (and counting — more characters scheduled for release soon) rich, powerful, and HANDSOME GORGEOUS samurai who fall in love with you. And if you love love triangles polygons, then you will just squeal yourself into apoplexy because these five aren’t the only ones after sweet ol’ innocent and charming you.

Still, if they all love the MC you so much that they would dare sword, shot, and social class alike, why do they keep her in their castle only as a servant (granted, a ‘privileged’ one) or not have her mother (knowing the situation the latter is in) brought over ASAP? (Or — except for Kenshin — bring her along to begin with? I mean, a maiden going off with strange men by herself … And her mother has zero problems with this either??!)

And just how do these samurai lords just get to go about without any of their retainers? Also, some people don’t like the artwork for this app; it’s like BMP’s, but that’s exactly why I LOVE it!

The Lowdown

SAC isn’t as flashy as the newer Voltage apps like SITS or SCM (#FEELS can suffer without the latter’s fancy rewind and fast forward functions), but it has all the really important stuff anyway — exciting and romantic stories with hot guys who are totally head over heels for an MC who is not your standard-issue ditz.

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