I’m back!

It’s been a whiiiiiiile since I last posted anything here. I got busy with other stuff, but now, I’m back and looking forward to sharing my love for otoge, anime, Asian drama, and good reads with you all once again.

I’m so excited that I even decided to change my profile pic to reflect my freshly-inspired self!

Also, my first return post is a review of a fanfic I just finished reading. It was so good that I was prompted to write MY FIRST FANFIC REVIEW — EVER. So, I hope you guys stay tuned for that. (It’s up! 😊 Click the link.👆)

またね ❣




Some of you may notice the title and/or tagline of this blog changing from one moment to the next. It’s just me sounding out a better way of encapsulating what I’m trying to do here.

Please bear with me for a day or two. Comments and suggestions are welcome! 😂